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Negotiating with Monday

Monday has held me hostage for the last time! Obviously Monday and I have different agendas. Different goals in life. Different, deeply rooted philosophies. Monday and I simply cannot co-exist. One of us has to change. I have tried to compromise with Monday explaining that Monday would better fit between Friday and Saturday but Monday will hear nothing of it. I tried being compassionate and empathetic and asked Monday what it wanted but all I got in return was a terse, "deal with it like everyone else." I got authoritarian and declared, "this is how it is going to be" only to have Monday laugh in my face and show me that Monday is bigger than me. I tried playing along by starting early and running late but I found out tha Monday does not sleep nor slow down. I can’t beat Monday and we cannot get alone. There is only one thing to do and that is: hate Monday! (and just get as much done as I can and be happy with that…)

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