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Sometimes there is no explanation

Grrrr. Curklunk Koochewga chewga blat mmmmmgre clackidda clackidda curchunka chunka. That’s the sound of this in the in-sink-erator (aka garbage disposal).

found in disposal

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  1. […] We had a wonderful Easter with two minor hiccups each reminding me that when I screw up I do it big. Other than those blemishes, we had a clean house, a pleasant visit from the grandparents, good treatment from Peter Cotton Tail, good food, happy children, relaxed times, a deep renewing nap, and no stress! Our Easter egg hunt was indoors thanks to the frigid temperatures outside and when the children declared that all eggs were discovered I was able to grin and announce that the five children had missed 17 eggs! (turns out they really missed 20+-) Our hunt consisted of plastic, candy filled eggs and 38 hardboiled colored eggs. In the end 2 hardboiled eggs were missing. The first turned out to be a joke by the children on me; they re-hid one! Of course, I was only looking where I knew eggs had been hidden. A game of hot and cold got Dad to the egg. The final hardboiled egg was searched for and searched for until finally it was discovered in the sink erator. Rather, Cathy remembered that when she was dumping out the egg dye that a forgotten egg when kerthulup straight into the in-sink-erator and was unrecoverable but still fun to try to find. […]

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