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PC Purge – PC World writer goes 20 days no computers

I often threaten to turn off the cable, all the computers, and lock away the video games for a week or a month. David J. Lake of PC World went 20 days without a computer at his editor’s request. 20 days was not long enough to draw any strong conclusions but the experience was pleasant enough that he may do it again. I like that by day 5 his child is outside playing instead inside on video games.

Instead of playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and cruising skateboarding-magazine sites for video clips, he actually skateboards and reads. [Source]

2 thoughts on “PC Purge – PC World writer goes 20 days no computers

  1. If you where my dad and you locked away the PC’s and games I would do very nasty things to you while you where alseep, something like superglue (crazyglue) a hampster to a caertain part of your body……I can be very evil when needed.

  2. Ouch.

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