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H20, Radiator, Very Cold Nights — Bad Mojo

Remember when I replaced the water pump on the Jeep? Seems I forgot to remove the water and replace it with anti-freeze. Tonight may have been the Jeep’s last ride.

3 thoughts on “H20, Radiator, Very Cold Nights — Bad Mojo

  1. Ouch…
    reminder to self: check antifreeze…

  2. That’s a big no no! You must first remove the water on the jeep water pump when removing it. then what happened next?

  3. I had drained the coolant for the pump replacement. I pressure tested my repair with water and never drained that water out so when our first freeze came my radiator died. I have since replaced the radiator but either the freeze plugs have popped out or the block or head is cracked as antifreeze pours from the back of the engine now. I hope it is just the freeze plugs!

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