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What’s your office look like?

Cluttered productivity<

Yes. Much room for improvement…

Update: You can now click the picture for a larger view.

6 thoughts on “What’s your office look like?

  1. OMG and I thought my room was bad LOL, okay lets play “how many pc’s can you see in the photo” game, I see 4 PC’s, 4 monitors and a cat box :o)

  2. There’s more than that, they just don’t all work. Who thinks Doug would be happier, calmer and WAY more productive if his area was neat?

  3. I bet you could find Jimmy Hoffa in there

  4. Actually there are 6 computers but you can only see 5. One is under the desk and shares a keyboard/monitor via switchbox. All the ones in this picture are actually functioning.

    I like James’ idea. We should go to the picture (now linked above) and use notes to identify all things tech.

  5. I’m truly afraid to “click for a larger view.”

  6. Looks like mine.

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