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What happened to The Blue Sloth?

Reading in an RSS Reader is wonderful. You can absorb so much more content than through regular browsing. Browsers still have their place and I use browsers probably as much as I use my news reader. One of the things I like to do is use a browser to periodically check in on a site that I normally read in feed because you miss out on the design elements in a page using only RSS.

So today, I check in on Philip and is design is radically changed that I had to question if I was on the right site. His history seems gone (only one post on the site). Links to other sites and interests vanished. Anyone have the story? Is Philip ok?

6 thoughts on “What happened to The Blue Sloth?

  1. On a side note, I never can find an rss reader that I’m 100% satisfied with, and I’m never sure exactly why. It’s like I’m looking for the firefox of rss readers, but it’s just not out there.

    I guess if it were out there, it’d be thunderbird. I’ve never actually tried its rss support because it didn’t seem like much of a priority.

    Or it could be sage, but sage hasn’t been updated in a year or more except for an extremely buggy beta build.


  2. Comments on your blog sure aren’t easy to read. Am I the only one who has to squint and turn his head sideways with his tongue out to read the comments?

  3. I’ve been pretty happy with Google Reader. I use up to four different computers to surf throughout the day, so a web-based RSS reader is necessary. I was a Bloglines fan for a long time, but their reliability took a nose-dive recently. Google Reader is still in Labs, not even Beta yet, but it’s a heckuva lot more stable and steady than Bloglines, and they keep improving it, adding features and settings.

    Anyway, it looks like Phillip posted today ..

    Finally, the comments text is kinda squished, as Jonathan mentions … check your CSS font properties.

  4. I promise a complete redesign of this site soon! I too squint at the comments.

    I saw his one post today. I assume he is doing updates to the site and the other elements will work their way back in.

    that was the last post that was actually from phillip that i can tell – and it doesnt show up – maybe he got hijacked?

    ill chat with him on yahoo later and find out if i can

  6. […] I posted on Doug’s blog yesterday how I never can find an RSS reader I’m a hundred percent satisfied with. I’ve tried several feed reading programs, such as Great News and RSS Owl, with the latter being my fave until now. I used sage for firefox for years; it’s nice having your reader as a part of your browser, but sage is feature incomplete with development that is slow at best. And I know there are some good web-based services – I’ve heard good stuff about google lately, despite hints of Google being the next Microsoft – but I’ve never been big on web-based services; having the program on your computer gives you much more power and flexibility than the web can provide. I’m the same way with email. If you use multiple computers, it might make sense to use a web-based service, but I take my laptop everywhere. […]

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