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Update your marks!

Incase you missed it, Latte Man has come over from the dark side and converted to WordPress! Visit him at, and add his rss feed and his comment feed to your readers. Talk to Jon about feed readers.

3 thoughts on “Update your marks!

  1. Well, maybe one of these days these horrible problems everyone seems to always have with Blogger will materialize. But as of now it’s worked fairly smoothly – even the Beta. So far I’m staying put…

  2. You know I’m just biased against Blogger because they banned my account. I was in breach of the terms of service but when I asked them if I needed to remove the offending blogs instead of simply replying “yes” they banned my whole account. In trying to talk to their csutomer service, I was ignored for lengths of time and treated rudely when not ignored. Now, if there is one thing a business (bricks and mortar or online) can do to burn my relationship with them, it is nasty customer service. My distasted for Blogger is not because of its service but because of its lack of customer service and they way they treated me.

  3. […] On January 2nd I mentioned that Latte Man moved to WordPress. I should have also mentioned that Newscoma has moved to WordPress! Update your marks. Find Newscoma at Jon is still trying to get Katie to make the move away from Blogger. […]

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