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Watered to death

A woman drank so much water trying to win a Wii for her 3 children that she died. The coroner’s office called it "water intoxication." A radio station had a "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest. I wouldn’t believe this bizarre story if it was by anyone other than the Associated Press (and I still have my doubts). Strangely, the 28 year old woman’s name was Jennifer Strange. Nothing on Snopes yet.

Can you drink too much water?

3 thoughts on “Watered to death

  1. I heard it on CNN and thought about blogging it, too.

    It is more than possible to kill yourself by drinking too much water. It makes the news every now and then when fratboys on dry campuses do water shots instead of alcohol shots for initiation.

    Google it.

  2. There were a few kids died that way rolling on ecstasy, evidently it makes you really, really thirsty.

  3. Seems real. What a fucking shame. A Nintendo Wii is NOT worth death. Losing a limb? Sure. But not DEATH.

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