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They hang on our every word, every action

Last night Cathy recounted for me something Amy did yesterday. Amy went to the wardrobe and pulled out her kindergarten mat and my stretching book. See I use the mat when stretching. I haven’t stretched or exercised in a year or two. Amy is four. She randomly opened the book, studied it, and declared, "I’m going to do number seven" then proceeded to put her hands on the floor and butt in the air. Amy prompted Mom for a quality check and sure enough, she was doing exactly what stretch number seven on that page instructed. What a great girl!

The lesson in this story is that our tiniest actions have long lasting impressions on our children. How will the loss of temper over something insignificant impact their lives when something as mundane and second nature as a stretching routine has such significance to them. I teach when I do not know that I am teaching. I can lecture my children until they cry and those words will be meaningless against my actions if I do not heed my own advice. Do as I say not as I do does not fly! I can preach organization and avoiding procrastination but as long as my desk is cluttered and projects behind schedule they will get the wrong lesson. Show your children acts of kindness. Live by example for what you are they will become.

2 thoughts on “They hang on our every word, every action

  1. So we can expect Amy to stretch again in two years?

  2. Haha!

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