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Let there be order!

Yes. I have collected clothing and too much of it. So yes. I have two sock drawers but there is a method to my madness. In one sock drawer I have all my white socks rolled up on the left. Long white socks to the back. Short white socks to the front. On the right side of the drawer I have gray and blue socks. Gray to the back. Blue to the front. The other sock drawer has brown, tan, and black socks. On the left, rolled and toward the back, are the brown socks. Tan socks are left and front. Black socks are on the right.

With this system, if I have not laid out my clothing for the next day (and I rarely do), I can find the appropriate socks completely in the dark! Despite my description of "imagine if I were blind," this system drives my wife ape. Or maybe it is that I have two sock drawers to her one.. hmm.

2 thoughts on “Let there be order!

  1. Instead of putting your socks away, I will just pile them all over your side of the bed.

  2. Despite your system, you still wear dark socks with tennis shoes and white socks with dark shoes!?!

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