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I covered the back door in plastic!

It has been so cold in my office that I have taken to wearing layers and a wool cap just to work.

Happy wife: "Honey that looks great! It feels 10 degrees warmer in here already!"
Wife irritated that I am cutting, drilling and doing home improvement instead of getting myself ready and helping getting the kids ready for Blogfest: "You know the cat is just going to tear that down."

If you watch that, I can’t give you those 3 minutes of your life back.

2 thoughts on “I covered the back door in plastic!

  1. I miss Tennessee winters… I have not seen freezing in well over 2 weeks now. It has been below zero for lows 50% of the time, with highs not hitting 20 most days.

    We’re due for another accumulating snow event, too. What’s the point of snow when it’s too cold to let the kids play in it?!?!?!

  2. and flat.

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