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BSA Comedic District

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So the boys are going to go the rifle range and fire guns on Saturday. The meeting has ended, the boys are playing and the adults are having a brief follow-up meeting. The speaker is very serious.

Speaker: "Saturday we are going to need lots of adults. We will be shooting 4 and 5 people at a time."
Me, unable to help myself: "Don’t you think our numbers will dwindle quickly that way?"
Speaker, trying to compose a correct answer stares blankly.
Me, clarifying: "I mean, you said you want lots of adults and we’ll be shooting 4 and 5 people at a time. I’m not showing up!"

On a side note regarding scouting, Penn & Teller really ripped into the organization not for the skills it teaches but for the discrimination and hate on the public’s dime. I am a huge scouting advocate so this was a difficult watch for me because I did not enjoy some of the things Penn & Teller point out as I believe we should teach our children acceptance and tolerance.

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  1. Penn & Teller scare me. They were playing at the hotel I stayed at in Vegas a couple years ago and I had the opportunity to go, but I didn’t want to be stabbed or something so I politely declined. I think Penn eats small children every morning and Teller…well, I can’t imagine the things Teller must do.

    Even introducing a scene in Fantasia 2000 and guest starring on Babylon 5 doesn’t redeem them in my mind. And somehow I doubt either one was ever a boy scout…

    But that’s just my opinion – I could be wrong…

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