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And it streaked across the sky…

Last night Tommy and I had a great pleasure. We saw a shooting star and this wasn’t one of those tiny thin lines way up in the sky. This was a streaking fireball that at first I thought it to be a low flying helicopter as the light seemed to just appear but then it grew brighter and formed a tail then burned in a green ball. It was wicked!

I have seen tiny shooting stars before but this is only the second time in my life I have seen one so close. The first time I was lying on the ground by a bonfire in south Knoxville and a smoky rock streaked from horizon to horizon so low that it seemed like I could have thrown something at it. I swear I could distinguish pockmarks as it flew overhead. Tonight’s was different and very cool.

This happened a few minutes before 9pm EST (2am UTC). Anyone else see it?

4 thoughts on “And it streaked across the sky…

  1. What you mostly likely saw was some of this debris burning up.

  2. 1) That was a cool read

    2) Do I still get my wish upon the “shooting star”?

  3. Let’s put it this way… the odds of it coming true BECAUSE you wished upon a “shooting star” are about the same as wishing on “buring debris” I hope that helps 😉

  4. Ironically I got my wish then told Cathy about it and today had it partially taken away.

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