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No. I won’t call you.

So, I just had a machine call me, give the following message, and hang up.

Hi! This is Cathy from Nebraska. Please call me at 888-xxx-xxxx.

More than likely this is some kind of collector. Sears and I are having a little dispute. I am more than willing to talk to Cathy but not if she is not going to be professional enough to 1) identify the nature of the reason she wishes me to call or 2) call me in person. This approach is wrong on so many levels. With the caller id blocked, I cannot reject the calls. I should do this approach with a 900 number where I harass people into calling so that I can charge them for the phone call.

6 thoughts on “No. I won’t call you.

  1. What if it were your wife and she had been kidnapped?? That was my first thought… 😉

  2. Egad! Now I have to run upstairs and make sure Evan isn’t alone!

  3. Does Google (or your search engine of choice) have anything on that number? The number and variety of telephone scams is endless. One that I have heard of is where they call and leave a message such as that, to get you to call them, thus by-passing the DNC rules. When you call, they try to sell you something, or scam you out of something. I had a rather annoying to-do with someone claiming to be Experian and wanting to update the information on my company … what company? They stated my domain, is if it were a company name. They apparently mined the data from the Whois database and assumed all domains were company names … no telling what exactly they wanted or intended. I would call back, refuse to reveal any info until they say exactly who they are and what they are calling for.

  4. I am much too boring, old and poor to be kidnapped.

  5. I’ll call back from a payphone next time I’m in the mall.

  6. There are still pay phones in the mall?

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