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Will getting computer parts in Knoxville become impossible?

Oh how I’ve longed for a Fry’s within driving distance. I do try to order online from vendors like Newegg but in a pinch I bite the bullet and pay CompUSA’s rates on their limited stock but that may not be an option for long. CompUSA is closing 126 US stores. I bet Knoxville doesn’t make the cut.

2 thoughts on “Will getting computer parts in Knoxville become impossible?

  1. Feh … CompUSA does nothing but piss me off. I was in there two days before Christmas and you could have shot a cannon through the place and not hit a soul. I stomped out, highly annoyed (as usual) mumbling loudly that it was no wonder everyone was down at Best Buy. Speaking of … Best Buy is getting a better selection of components lately … cases, power supplies, mundane stuff like that. I also see that HHGregg is now carrying some computer stuff. I haven’t gone and looked yet, but I saw one of their Sunday fliers with laptops.

    But if the Knoxville CompUSA does close, imagine the fantastic clearance sales! Woot!

  2. CompUSA is one of those companies that hasn’t been able to get out of its own way for quite some time. They tried switching to a “somewhat” electronics store offering more “other electronics” items, and less computer equipment, and in the process, pissed everybody off. They cannot compete head to head with Best Buy or Circuit City, and now it is too late for them.

    If the keep it up, they will go the way of Egghead Software, Computerland, Software Etc., and so on.

    But I wouldn’t count on getting much at a closeout sale. They would simply ship anything worthwhile back to the central warehouse, and sellout the crap that isn’t worth shipping.

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