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I’d rather be blogging

I have so much I want to write that it is beginning to clutter my brain. Obligations lay in the way. I have a monstrous deadline this Friday. Additionally, financial planning and bureaucracy are giants to slaughter this week. And finally I need to equip and pack Noah and I for a canoe trip in the Okefenokee.

I keep telling myself my productivity and writing would increase if I would buy a MacBook Pro! I wonder if Apple would grant me one in exchange for giving computer lessons at their store?

3 thoughts on “I’d rather be blogging

  1. Same boat, stress definitely keeps me from getting things from my head to my hand. (hmmm that sounds perverse. oh well)

  2. Why would you think that your productivity would increase? Because of the overly-exorbitant price you would have to pay for it?

  3. True that. Any laptop would increase my productivity because I could carry my environment with me. If I take Noah to karate or Tommy to Star I could have my work at hand.

    The reason for wanting the MacBook Pro is for their video editing software. I really like it. That said, I suppose a cheaper route would be a cheap laptop and ubuntu. The money saved would buy a nice digital video camera.

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