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I got frowned at today

So I’m driving Amy to school. Tommy has just been dropped at the high school and Evan and Molly are in the car with Amy and me. I have no idea how fast I am driving. It’s comfortable and within my capabilities. I am probably doing 60 mph on a 40 mph road that should have a 50 mph speed limit. (for the locals, that’s the road behind Walmart that connects the Interstate to Middlebrook) As I signal to change lanes and check my mirrors I see a police cruiser flying up on my rear so I turn off my signal, center back up in the right lane, and let my foot off the gas. He doesn’t pass so I look down to check my speed. Roughly 53 mph. Blast! I’m not sure I have the registration paperwork on the car and I know the registration stickers were never put on the license plate. I let gravity and wind resistance slow the car to 45 mph. He doesn’t light me up and we are approaching the intersection where I need to turn left so I signal and change lanes. He pulls up beside me, matches speed, and frowns. I smile and wave. He goes right. I go left. Thank you for your kindness Mr. Officer!

3 thoughts on “I got frowned at today

  1. Now you’ve been frowned at twice.

  2. And laughed at once.

    Actually laughed with, I guess, but that doesn’t have the same parallel structure.

  3. Just don’t do that here. I got a ticket two weeks age and it was a doozy. I actually cost me more than the one your mother-in-law got speeding in a school zone.

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