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Facing Fears

That does it. I’ve read all your blogs and even caught up on several comments. I even tried to get Jon laid. I survived checking my minor email boxes. No more procrastination. Now I have to look in my primary email box which has accumulated a week’s worth of bad news. The anxiety attack I am having over this is ridiculous! Life goes on despite how many people seem to think particular parts of my anatomy need enhancing or that my Paypal account is in jeopardy. If I’m not back in 3 days, send a psychologist.

Update: Email wasn’t terrible. Could have been better had I checked it this past Thursday.

Update: Related goodness from Newscoma.

1 thought on “Facing Fears

  1. I wrote about fear this morning.
    Must be the water.
    And I’m so anxiety filled right now that it’s just plum freaky.

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