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Backup your feeds!

I highly recommend you take a moment and export your list of feeds from which ever feed reader you are using. I use SharpReader but it would appear an unexpected shutdown of windows may have trashed my reading list and I have no backup. That means all the locked posts that I have saved for future reference–gone. All the blogs, news, groups, et al–gone. If a reboot does not recover my list, it will be a nice purge. However, there are some that I had put up "just to try" that I may not be able to recover and they will be sorely missed. What a slap in the face! On the other hand, I bet my productivity goes up.

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  1. Bloglines, Google Reader, My Yahoo! Reader, Firefox Live Feeds. Is there really any reason to have a local app for it any longer?

    And yes, backing up any application that has a version number less than one is always prudent.

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