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Rumpleskin Red

Old Rumpleskin Red
Fell on his head
When he tripped on the crap
Left on the steps to the stair

It would not be a story
Lest be it so gory
He died with his head
In the liter box

The cat was displeased
Torn between where to pee
Use the head
Or the clean laundry?

Ol’ Red caused a quandary
For it was his job
To care for the cat pee and poo
No one else knew what to do

They thought long and hard
About Rumpleskin Red
On how to give a funeral
To this man unexpectedly dead.

He stunk to high Heaven
Of ammonia and rot
No one wanted to touch him
Or explain how he died

So he was buried in the yard
With the box
The cat
And the crap.

Discarded lines (the outtakes have you):
Twice in his life
Red’s luck had his head filled with crap
Once metaphorically
And once by the cat.

Suddenly it dawn
A solution to all problems
What to of Ol’ Red, his pet,
And the mess on the stairs

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  1. Snicker. Time to clean the litterbox.

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