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Your life can improve

If you feel a mess
If you are depressed
If chaos rules the day
Perhaps you’d rather sleep it away

Play the lottery
For that quick fix
Four dollars
Buys a little hope

A magic bean
Will not fix
The problems
You have seen

Choose something small
Wake up, floss those teeth
Floss them all

Add another small task
Instead of stinking
Take a bath

Don’t let the bath
Replace the floss
Combine them together
To be a boss

Next day when you awake
Hit the floor
Eight pushups
Maybe more

These small tasks add up
Do a little more
And those huge tasks
Will shrink away

Day after day
Is how habits form
One day soon
You will wake up with tasks no more.

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Shelf Elf

An elf came down from the pole
To dance within your walls
Turning tricks in the night
Is it devious? Mischievous? Frightful?
Or a delight?

The elf rules are simple
You can look but you cannot touch
You can tip your elf
But it won’t change your luck

The elf when it comes
Leaves you more frustrated
Than before it came
And once the elf is done and gone
The glitter remains as evidence of your shame.

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In the end it doesn’t matter

I’d like to think I’ll be missed when I am gone

But I know that is wrong

Our time here is brief

And we are quickly forgotten

Stories will be told

And lore rewritten

Unable to correct or defend

From the grave

Our reputation cannot be saved

History that never happened

Words contrived

Will become our legacy

We are legend

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An active mind is a healthy mind

Knocking the plaques off the brain. Began the day with some Spanish practice and some Morse code practice. Then jumped into and the first challenge I was given was…”write a Morse code decoder!”
Here’s my passing code (wordpress stripped the indentions):
function decode_morse(string $code): string {
$returnstring = ”;

//break the input string into words based on three spaces between words
$morsewords = explode(‘ ‘,$code);
foreach($morsewords as &$word){

//translate each letter of each word from Morse using the built-in library
$morse = explode(‘ ‘,$word);
foreach($morse as &$value){
$returnstring .= MORSE_CODE[$value];
$returnstring .= ‘ ‘;

//clean up return string by removing any leading or trailing spaces we added or that were in the original input string
return trim($returnstring);

Now to return to becoming a PowerApps and Azure expert. Light the incense, dim the lights, and turn up the cyberpunk. I’m going in!