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How are people feeling about the rezoning?

Michael Silence has a poll online. Add your opinion! At the time of this post, 39% of responders said "accept it" while 61% opposed the plan (36% tweak it; 25% scrap it). The percentages at this time were based upon 28 votes.

2 thoughts on “How are people feeling about the rezoning?

  1. I’ll be honest. I’ve looked at the rezoning plan, and I’m perplexed as to why some kids are being sent to schools farther away than the one they’re closest to.

    But I don’t have access to (and don’t have time or expertise to interpret) the kind of demographic information on all the homes in the area to make an informed decision whether it’s good or bad. I would assume the people drawing up the plan know what the information is and decided accordingly.

    What makes us think automatically, and I might say knee-jerkingly, that the action is political, corrupt, stupid, shortsighted, elitist or whatever other adjectives I’ve heard ascribed to the decision? How do you know that maybe this isn’t actually the best plan that could be drawn up based on all information available?

    I’m not for it or against it – it just seems like there was an immediate negative reaction practically before the news hit the streets, as if we were preconditioned to reject the proposed zoning no matter what it looked like because, well, all the politicians are ignorant and corrupt and nothing they come up with could be any good.

    I haven’t seen much real critical, objective analysis of the zoning plan that doesn’t involve anger or disgust. I’d like to see it….

  2. WBIR’s interactive map shows each of the school zones growing westward which almost makes sense.

    I would like to do more critical, objective analysis. With hearings starting next week, I’m not sure that we have time to pull together such an analysis…but I am going to try!

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