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LOST: One question

If everyone was found dead, where are Walt and Michael?

2 thoughts on “LOST: One question

  1. It would seem to answer the question that they never made it back to civilization. Or if they did, they were either re-captured by Hanso/Paik/Widmore/Whoever or didn’t get back in touch with anyone.

    After all that’s gone on this season, it doesn’t seem likely they would’ve actually been allowed to leave. So I suspect they were picked up and are being held.

    But then they were about to let Jack leave (supposedly). And Juliet’s under the assumption Ben will eventually let her leave. Could all be false assumptions.

    Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure Walt’s helping Gilligan pick coconut’s and Michael’s making a play for Mary Ann.

  2. How could I forget the Gilligan connection! You must be right!

    [SPOILER] The Other that parachuted in could simply be lying and the Real Sawyer could conning or brainwashed. As for the Real Sawyer, didn’t Mr Eko impossibly have a conversation with his brother just before Smokey took him. “Why do you keep calling me your brother?” Was this “Real Sawyer” really the real, Real Sawyer?

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