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Absentee Blogger Minded

So Cathy noted that I haven’t blogged since Thursday which is uncharacteristic of me. Seems the tenants in my head have been having some heated debate over the direction the next chapter of my life must evolve.

The loudest tenant seems to think that we have some opportunities in front of us in the form of 8am to 5pm employment which could greatly change the level of stress this body carries, reduce the chance of heart attack, provide some stabilization of historic cash flow issues, and provide other stabilities to our family. That tenant seems to think that blogging "Seems the tenants in my head…" could cause a literal minded human resources person to circular file our resume.

Another tenant is claiming that we have a good situation with a small company in town and although it does not pay that much does provide flexibility and predictability. That tenant admits the small company causes some hardship for the family and is hindering getting some high risk/higher reward work completed. This tenant believes we should maintain the status quo.

Yet another tenant points out that the status quo is not being entirely fair to the small company nor the higher risk/higher reward company. That tenant suggests we let the small company go and put all eggs in the high risk basket. And also points out that developing a cash cow of our own, which brings in some predictable revenue, would reduce the risk.

A tenant with a nervous, squeaky voice suggests a merging of status quo and high risk by bringing on some staff or contractors.

The lunatic tenant in the bunch thinks we should spend all of our time on the house and with the family and seriously expects money to fly out of our butt.

The cacophony between the debaters makes thinking about anything very challenging.

2 thoughts on “Absentee Blogger Minded

  1. You could just post some weekend reviews while you are making yourself dizzy worrying. You could talk about holidays or car keys or neurotic dogs.

  2. And people get all bent out of shape, when I talk in the third person?

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