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Transformers – Pre-critique

Transformers (2007) Movie Preview Review

Posted Jun 13, 2007

A mega in-depth review of the new live action transformers movie.

1 thought on “Transformers – Pre-critique

  1. Transformers Sucked.

    With all the money toward C.G. and advertising, you’d think they could have hired a better writer. It took two movie tickets (18$ U.S.) for me to realize that they completely butchered my most favorite character, Soundwave the boombox, I just didn’t realize it was supposed to be him. In the cartoon series he had the coolest voice, and these cool transforming tapes which turned into an eagle and a horse or a dog or something. But in this movie, he is sadly portrayed as some sort of ant-faced shiny metal skeleton. His voice sounded suspiciously like an arabic golum. And instead of a transforming tape you could cut his arm off and it’ll turn into your cell phone. Stupid huh?
    The Biggest drawback that I saw, or rather couldn’t see, was the way the Transformers transformed. They transformed way too fast and there were so many movements that you couldn’t understand that part was turning into what. Couldn’t they have just built some transformers in C.G.? I mean, they managed to build transformers out of plastic in the 80’s.
    The other big drawback was the “plot”. The whole time they were looking for some cube that had this energy that turned machines into Decepticons. Even the Transformers themselves were not bound to the laws of their own transforming bodies, they could simply scan a machine and turn into that machine. You heard me, and what you’re thinking is right, it’s lame.
    But other than that I’d say its a feel good movie with good acting, pretty people, and big robots that magically shrink down into cars and stuff. Though most of my friends found it cheezy, I didn’t mind the dialogue.
    In conclusion, we can’t redo transformers the movie, but that’s Ok. Hopefully now someone’ll come out with Gobots the movie.
    That.. would be justice.

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