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Today’s MUST READ re: US Healthcare

Triple Venti caught me off guard with this one. I have to process it. In the meantime, you should read it!

While on the job one day, I got caught in gunfire in a not very good neighborhood, and got hit in the head. … The insurance company that handled my workman’s compensation claim decided that since there was nothing life threatening about the bullet, they denied the hospital the ability to perform surgery to remove it. … Fast forward 20 years, I still have that projectile embedded there … [Source]

JayMonster, thanks for sharing!

4 thoughts on “Today’s MUST READ re: US Healthcare

  1. What caught you off guard, the fact that I have a small caliber projectile embedded in my scalp or the fact that the insurance company denied its removal?

  2. Both! I bet you could some some real fun with some strong earth magnets! I think I’d want a tattoo that read “NO MRI”

    I’m just glad that it didn’t get through your skull.

  3. Being a small caliber (.22 I think?), and now protectively wrapped in skin, magnets do not have any effect. (Admittedly I did try it once).

    That now makes two of us that are happy about that fact.

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