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Ah the memories!

Not having A/C and relying on fans has taken me back a bit. There is a distinct smell to a house that is not cooled with A/C. There is a definite humidity not felt under the unnatural A/C. The sounds are different in a house closed from the world to contain the conditioned air. It takes me back to the summers I spent at my grandparent’s apartment in Richmond, VA. It reminds me of the times spent in my great grandmother’s in Wilmington, NC. These are not bad memories. And this is not a bad time. I do not want to go an extended length of time without A/C but living without A/C is not all that terrible.

Alright, to do list:

  • check to see if the unit is under warranty
  • see if home owner’s insurance will cover the repair
  • see what KUB‘s financing plan looks like

I have also learned that no one trusts any hvac repair person in Knoxville and that everyone has the guy to call. Yes, that’s’s a contradiction…

1 thought on “Ah the memories!

  1. I don’t think I could live without my A/C. Hope yours is working again soon!

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