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I’m not that old

I resent statements like:

To anyone over the age of 25 Twitter is inherently abhorrent — author Clive Thompson called it “blogging taken to a supremely banal extreme” in a recent Wired article… [Source]

2 thoughts on “I’m not that old

  1. […] or perhaps to those who have not even become comfortable with computers yet? Some people feel that if you are over 25 years old, you cannot understand things like Twitter. Jon Swanson suggests 8 ways to explain 2.0 friends to 0.0 parents. My favorites are: 2. You know […]

  2. Heh, some of us “old folks” (28 is old now?) actually helped with that whole “web 1.0” thing, and are pleased as punch to see the new media stuff like Twitter coming to fruition.

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