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The day thus far

3am, 4am, 5am
Bolt upright, check on children, try to convince self to work on computer
Admit I will have to work during the day like the rest of the world. Sleep.
Jump out of bed. Move Amy from one hotel room to another. Rouse oldest 3 children with sunlight and bright lights.
Head to lobby for coffee. Receive phone call from Tommy telling me the time, that he can’t get into the other room (because I locked the connecting doors so that the oldest 3 would not wake the youngest 2 or Cathy), and that he and Noah are ready. I explain I am heading to the car and that anyone not there can have the front desk hail them a taxi.
All 3 older children in parking lot
Re-fueling van and waiting to watch a motorcycle vibrate itself off the kick stand
3 eldest children at bus stop
After getting to the house, inspecting the current state of a/c repair, and staring at all my junk to figure out what needs to be tossed and howt o neatly fit the rest back into the garage, I realize that Noah and I never discussed his afternoon plans with his mother. I make an executive decision, write a note to allow him to ride the bus home with a friend, then rush up to the bus stop 2 minutes later to find that at 7:43am the high schoolers are gone but Noah gets his note.
Drop Noah’s tent off at his friend’s house
Buying anti-migraine caffeine therapy from Starbucks for Cathy (ie. Hot chocolate)
Back in hotel looking at 3 sleeping people…well, 2 and 1 pretending…to find the door between the rooms open and the other room’s door to the hallway open. I jump to blame Sarah then realize that the pretender must have been exploring. Egad!
My professional day begins.

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