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Just saw a red fox on the roadside. Been ages since i have seen one.

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  1. I killed one in winter 1991. I was driving on Concord Road, and the little guy ran smack into the side of my wheel. I pulled over and ran back to check, and yup, he was killed instantly by a broken neck.

    I’ve felt worse only a handful of times in my life.

  2. Ouch! Tough little guy though thinking he could attack your car!

    I can relate to feeling bad over the accidental killings. I think my worse was when I was bush hogging the back yard (how many people can say that!) and I ran over our 4 foot long black snake. I had to put him out of his misery. Use to like watching him slither along the patio out back.

    Of course, Cathy has video on Youtube of me attacking baby birds with a machete. Search for Doug the Gardener.

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