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Working for yourself – no such thing as 8 to 5

I like to talk about the greener grass. Every now and then I see how much greener the grass is over at Corporate World. Now is not one of those times. I’m enjoying working for myself very much right now. Of course, it is not without its stresses. Last night my workday ended around 11:30pm (and that’s only because my eyes wouldn’t stay open and my forehead proved inept at hitting the correct keys on the keyboard). I arose at 3:00am and got right back into coding. Freelancing means doing anything to get the job done! Now, that’s not to say the corporate world is dissimilar. I’m no foreigner to sleeping under a desk in a cubicle. Which I guess brings me back around to that greener grass. When corporate folk start thinking, "I should quit and go work for myself because …" and when freelancers start thinking, "I need to go back to the corporate world because…", they both really need to remember that each path has its perks and drawbacks. Just pick and stick to it.

Time to get back to my other job…herding children toward the bus stop.

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