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Cable Modem message

Anyone seen this one before?

5-Warning B605.10 Map Reject – Downstream Traffic Flow Not Mapped to BPI+ SAID (EC=8)

3 thoughts on “Cable Modem message

  1. Check the signal levels in the modem … go to the modem IP address, usually or to rule out issues in the lines. My recent problems turned out to be squirrels chewing through the cable outside. My issue now is with billing – they want to charge me a service call fee, after months of problems!

    Anyway, if the signals are good, try resetting the modem … pull the power and battery backup (if any) and let it sit, turned off for 3 – 5 minutes. While waiting, check all the coax connections, mine come loose occasionally and just need a turn or two to tighten up. Reconnect coax, then the power. Leave ethernet off. Power cycle the router. After the modem lights have gone through their power on routine and have settled down, reconnect the ethernet to the router and turn it back on.

    If all that doesn’t help, settle in for some nice hold music courtesy Comcrap, before you talk to a technician who will have you do all that over again, while they breathe heavily into the phone, before they say they can’t find anything wrong, but they will send someone out and charge you $33 to also tell you they can find nothing wrong. But if you want them to actually DO their job, get mad and yell a lot. That’s what finally worked for me!

  2. Squirrels? You mean those creatures that live in our attic?

  3. Yes, apparently your squirrels came over for a visit and while they were here, they decided to dine on my cable wires.

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