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REAL ID real scary

Papers please. Thanks Tom.

2 thoughts on “REAL ID real scary

  1. Heaven help we might try to use technology to make something more efficient… 🙂

  2. Despite the post title I haven’t passed judgment on Real ID yet. On Max Headroom, citizens had one payment stick that was their id and the way transactions were handled. Seems like a good concept. My keychain has 10 store discount cards on it and my wallet has another. My wallet also carries several reward cards that after x number of purchase get me something. Then there is the multiple credit cards, social security card, voter’s registration card, library card, and other various ids. I have long thought that at birth we should be given an id for life. An id I could swipe at the grocery and instruct the cashier to which account to apply the charge. I should be able to associate or disassociate banks, credit cards, etc with that one id. That id should actually be replaced with my finger print. All that said, I should be a huge advocate of the Real ID. I’m not sure that with the current political climate that this is the correct time to introduce the Real ID.

    I also do not think I should have to present an ID to enter a Federal building. That becomes a tool to bar government access from the citizenry.

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