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Penis Size Debate

Big better?

Update 10/18/2008: I had to track down the image as the original link is dead. I don’t know the source of the study and I don’t recall the original image having that website on it.

8 thoughts on “Penis Size Debate

  1. Ummm…ok. So, did you poll a random sampling of women at iHOP to get these results? 😉

    I think it’s interesting that one would have to be a minimum of 7-1/4″ to be “ideal” and 6-1/4″ to even be considered “very satisfying”. Seems a lot would depend on the size of the woman and the skill of the man…

    Also, is Authentic describing the poll itself or the actual women? In that case, what exactly is an “Authentic Woman”?

  2. I haven’t verified anything about those stats. It could be completely made up. Just saw it on Digg or one of those sites featured on in passing this morning. If I recall correctly, the average penis size is between 5 and 6 inches anyway not even reaching the 6-1/4 “very satisfying” requirement.

    So either 1) the ladies are lying about “size doesn’t matter” and there are are lot of unhappy women out there or 2) the data in that chart is erroneous.

    The ladies are probably lying.

  3. Are you sure this wasn’t in your e-mail with an ad to purchase some “wonder drug”?

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    I am a exceptional man.
    This chart made even me feel bad.
    I have seen this chart several places, it is the worse most inaccurate bit of info i have ever seen on this topic. I am not insecure quite the opposite, i am a male stripper, i dont even measure up for this chart, in fact Peter North and Lee Stone plus 95% of all porn stars would be considered undersized.
    WTF, 11.5 inches x 7.5 inches…. John Holmes was only 11.5 by 6.5….that is considered ENJOYABLE…. I have hit the cervix and then some of every woman i have been with and most cant take my barely 9 inches,…Most women have never even seen 9 inches much less find 8.5 x 6.5 to be AVERAGELY satisfying.
    This chart would have you beleive most women have had a cock thick as ur wrist and goes half way to ur elbow…..

  6. jayme, you are correct. Like I said above, I couldn’t cite a source for the study and don’t remember if the original location of the image had a source for the study either. For all we know it’s made up bunk. I don’t remember if I posted this for humor sake or entertainment value or to be informational. But considering it was the day before Valentine’s Day in 2008 it may have been a setup for a joke or…uh…something with the wife. Many of my posts have inside jokes or hidden meaning.

  7. @ Barry

    Translation: “I am less than ideal”

    And…you do realize this is an AVERAGE not the be all end all. Don’t take it so personally, LOL

  8. I think the thing to remember is that it’s not always the dick size but Vag size. you could have a foot long and it could be to much for the girl.

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