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Knoxville Under Assault!

Is it fallout from Oak Ridge? What’s this white stuff in the air?! Oh, the children tell me its "magic we don’t have to go to school dust." I’m not buying it. They went off to school too overjoyed at the snow to concentrate on their studies. I know Noah will daydream and chant over and over that at any moment they will cancel school and send everyone home; he won’t hear a word today. He was first to notice the snow and gleefully asked, "do you know if they cancel school?!" to which I replied, "Yes they won’t." The children are very happy today. And yes, I bought milk.

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  1. Our kids started their two-day standardized testing ERB’s…or GPS’s….or MRE’s or whatever today at school, so they were just DOUBLY excited to having to go…

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