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Loren Feldman Portraying a “Nice Guy”!

Oh, and he interviews Peter Semmelhack of Buglabs

Note: The first time I saw Loren Feldman was on Seesmic and he hooked, lined, and sinkered the whole bunch into a series of angry videos that brought down the servers. I don’t usually get into this negative humor but I found it very amusing because in the first few seconds of his video I spoke aloud that "this guy is playing a character" and it was entertaining to see so many people invest themselves and their emotions into responding to him without seeing through the ruse. I could be wrong. Perhaps Feldman is just an angry ass. I have since seen him engage many of the tech celebrities such as Robert Scoble and their banters are amusing because reports have it that in person they are chummy. Many of us portray ourselves transparently on the web/blogosphere exactly how we are and who we are. Loren Feldman made me rethink this as perhaps Blogosphere1.0. As Hollywood loses ground to independent entertainment producers on the Internet, will Blogosphere2.0 be more people putting on masks and portraying characters online? As people in real life declare, "I saw you on the Internet and I can’t believe…" will you be able to respond, "oh, that’s just a character I play on the Internet!" That’s going to really screw with companies relying upon Google for background checks!

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