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When you type for a living, playing dodge ball is less than intelligent. Oh my swollen thumb!

See, I’m an adrenaline junkie. As a child, I was bad at sports. Couldn’t cut it at t-ball. Football was fun but I was just cannon fodder and didn’t really understand the rules. Basketball was befuddling; to me everything was a foul and besides, I was too short. Volleyball was cool but they still spiked me into the ground. Now put me in man against self or man against nature and the rules are different. I’ve kayaked, flown a glider, camped and hiked the backcountry, climbed, spelunked, scuba’d, qualified as a lifeguard, mountain biked myself bloody, repelled now closed cliffs, and fallen asleep on a motorcycle at 50mph in a curve. If it will push my limits, I’ll take it on! But these sports with balls being thrown around? You’d think that a juggler could catch a rubber ball. At least that’s what my face thought tonight!

Jock? Not me. Crazy thrill seeker? Yeah, I’ll take that.

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  1. Do we get a sick day tomorrow?

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