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Starbucks is Starbucks unless its in a store

Twitter hurts the blog posting from time to time. Six days ago I spoke to an employee of Starbucks that seemed to be in the know regarding store closures. She informed me that no Knoxville Starbucks would be closing and that the closest closure was rumored to be Chattanooga. I Twittered the information instead of posting to Reality Me so the people following me on Twitter gained the knowledge but I did not create any record to be found by the search engines or referenced by papers and bloggers. I enjoy publishing information that others find useful. Carly Harrington tells us of closures much closer to Knoxville than Chattanooga.

I predicted that the Starbucks inside of Target at Turkey Creek would close since there is a Starbucks store in the same parking lot. I learned that none of the Starbucks inside of grocery stores or other stores will be closing. These Starbucks are owned by the store chain and not by Starbucks. The name only is licensed to the store. I wonder if the quality is different or if the store can water down or take shortcuts that an actual Starbucks cannot.

The Seattle Times has does an excellent job by providing a Google Map of rumored closings.

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