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I woke at 3am! and went back to sleep… Recently I watched a Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode on the subject of sleep. Yes, they have a wikipedia page. In one part, a scientist dispelled the "myth" that we need 8 hours of sleep. Instead he suggested that people who sleep 4 to 5 hours a night, live longer. I love collecting links on sleep and I am certain I recall recently reading scientific proof that we indeed need 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Personally I think it has more to do with a combination of waking up during the correct phase of sleep and your personal Circadian rhythm coupled with your health (eating, exercise, stress, etc.). See, when I arose at 3am, I was wide awake and ready to work. Habit drove me back to the covers, and the desire to be relieved of some of this stress in my life but working would have served my cause better than sleeping. Or meditating, chanting, stretching, exercising, …

Sleeping less is not a poor health choice. If your body needs the sleep, you will sleep. Sleeping less is a matter of will power. Btw, I haven’t used an alarm clock in 6.5 years and can still wake up within 10 minutes of the time I want to arise. Back to work!

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