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Painful Phone Call

The guy on the phone is so slow and following his script so tightly that it makes me want to put hot pokers in my eyes. I haven’t even made my request yet but he’s kindly "checking on something for me real quick" Some of our dialog:

Him: I need your home number
Me: I only have a cell phone.
Him: Okay but I’m required to get your home and business numbers.
Me: I only have a cell phone.
Him: I have to tell you…
Me, interrupting: Yes that a cell phone is not secure. That’s okay.
Him: I have to let you know that communications on a wireless device are not secure. If you are okay with that…
Me: I’m okay with that.
Him: If you are okay with that I’ll need your authorization to continue.
Me: You have my authorization.
Him: Do you authorize me to continue?
Me: Yes.
Him: I need your authorization.
Me: You have my authorization.

The rest of the call was very similar. I called only about one thing and before I finished my request he interrupts me to say, "Let’s do one thing at a time." and at the end of the call he abruptly hangs up on me. So, why do I feel bad?

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