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Weekend in Review

This was a working weekend. My current project needed to see some drastic visual improvements that have to look good in Internet Explorer 6. (I’m a semantic programmer that advocates CSS over tables for design.) This weekend was dedicated to those visual improvements. My reward as I made progress was to do some wiring and drywalling in the downstairs bedroom. The light switch used to hang, in an uncovered gangbox, dangling from the 12-2 wiring in the hallway. I was always afraid one of the kids was going to get a terrible shock from turning on the lights. Evan loved to get a step stool and turn on the lights himself. Now the switch is installed in the wall just inside the bedroom as it should and is covered with a face plate. It is also reachable by Evan without a step stool. I’ve had fun watching the children try to figure out how to turn on the lights. Evan is having a blast dimming the lights and turning them on and off.

If I continue to use fixing that bedroom as my milestone reward, we’ll have paint on the walls by the week’s end!

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  1. Program! Write that code! Go, go, go!

    Reach a milestone yet?

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