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Stand up Dave, Lose the election

McCain canceled on David Letterman at the last minute to rush to Washington in order to solve our economic crisis but stopped for an interview with Katie Couric first. Dave was less than thrilled and less than complimentary.

Update 25Sept2008 8:20am: Wow! When I posted that video there were 300 views and 125 comments. Now there are 403,936 views and 985 comments! That’s incredible.

5 thoughts on “Stand up Dave, Lose the election

  1. I think McCain just needed some extra time to finish “economics for dummies” before debating Obama!

  2. Like he said the road to the White House runs through me (Letterman). Oberman filling in for McCain’s absence was an irony or a statement for McCain.

  3. Cathy and I were talking and I think she nailed it. McCain’s play is a further attempt to keep Palin from answer questions. They are probably coaching and grooming her to be ready to handle the press and don’t feel she is ready. McCain suggested moving the debate to the night of the VP debate which would push the VP debate back and get them more time to teach Palin the answers.

  4. And Dave seemed really mad at McCain to the point that at several points I thought “he’s not even trying for humor.”

  5. thanks for posting this Letterman is one past my bed time but this was great!

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