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I watched the debates on CSPAN

I intended to just pick up the highlights of the debates today but I got dragged in. I want to understand the McCain/Palin love. I feel like I’m missing something. One of my neighbors has a McCain/Palin yard sign and I simply do not understand what they see in these two.

I watched the debates on CSPAN with their wonderful split screen and no over talking the candidates with commentators! Did anyone else notice that CSPAN gave Palin 53% of the screen while Biden was squeezed, with his head often bobbing offscreen, in 47%. On my 20 inch tv (that’s the diagonal measurement), Biden had 7.5 inches and Palin had 8.5 inches. Perhaps that was intended to be a metaphor for Biden being more in touch with the average American while Palin supposedly swings a big stick.

6 thoughts on “I watched the debates on CSPAN

  1. Well… “Famous Person” likes her.

  2. I feel the exact same way about Obama/Biden. I don’t understand the love. I feel like I’m missing something. I’ve searched and searched, and listened and read… I’ve watched him and read his policies. It’s not there.

    McCain by default, mainly because he won’t cut and run from Iraq and Afghanistan. Just like why I didn’t want Kerry.

  3. You do know that Obama doesn’t want to pull out of Afghanistan right? His plan to pull out of Iraq is in line with what Bush and Iraq are jointly working on right now. I’ll try to get some links or video to back it up.

  4. That may be what he’s saying, but the Democratic party isn’t for it – witness all the endless protests regarding removing troops as soon as possible that have been going on for years. I have no doubts if he’s elected, his position will change on troop withdrawals. It has to – he, and every other politician, are slaves to their party. He won’t have a choice.

  5. Well then it shouldn’t matter. Vote Obama! 🙂

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