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Today’s satire (was The most absurd thing I have read today)

Blogger rule #34- Never post prior to coffee.
Blogger rule #35- Never post while multitasking.
Blogger rule #71- Never post if after skimming an article you are not sure if it was satire or serious.
Blogger rule #3- Never post when your gut feeling says you are making a mistake (drafts are a good thing)

All that said, check out today’s satirical find at Patterico’s Pontifications. (after all, it was labeled humor as b-i-l points out) I misread it on my first pass. And my apologies to Jim Treacher and Patterico.

I try to read both sides so that I can understand the McCain supporters and to thoroughly appreciate all the issues. This statement is ridiculous:

James F. Treacher, Professor of Media Studies at Noesutch University, notes: "If Obama isn’t an evil, racist, fascist hatemonger of hateful hatred, why hasn’t he conceded the election?" [Source, Patterico’s Pontifications, Obama Rallies Turn Ugly]

What kind of logic is that? And coming from a university professor?! Btw, I think Patterico is stretching a bit in his Obama Rallies Turn Ugly.

You could write that quote as a fill in the blank and it still wouldn’t make sense! "If McCain isn’t an evil…" "If Bush isn’t an evil…" "If James F Treacher isn’t an evil…" It just isn’t a logical statement particularly when the contest is so even yet polls are showing Obama slightly ahead. Maybe we should do away with elections and we the people could all contribute questions toward a standardized test. Whichever candidate scores highest on The People’s Test wins the office.

3 thoughts on “Today’s satire (was The most absurd thing I have read today)

  1. You’re kidding around, right?

  2. I think he means it to be absurd. He labeled it humor.

    I didn’t read closely enough to see if he was parodying the Obama campaign’s criticism of McCain’s rallies (I think he was, at a glance) or something else.

  3. You know. I also didn’t post that one because I was scratching my head and wondering if I was misreading something. I slipped that in between coding and getting children off to school.

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