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Instead of Stacey Campfield…

Since we don’t want to vote for Stacey Campfield, and he is running unopposed, who should we write-in? I always do myself but wouldn’t it be cool to actually see a write-in candidate show up in the numbers? For that to happen, we would all have to write the same name. Feel free to write-in "Doug McCaughan" but I think maybe it should be an easier name and better qualified like "Randy Neal" (maybe we ask Randy first)

5 thoughts on “Instead of Stacey Campfield…

  1. I would hope you would be able to come up with better then that!

  2. Thank you for commenting Representative Campfield!

    So, why are you running unopposed? I see the same thing in local elections with 2 or 3 positions might be unopposed. Are candidates like yourself just too deeply rooted and too overwhelming supported by the public to make it viable for someone to run against you? Or do we have a dwindling interest in people participating in the political process?

    Are unopposed candidates a sign that we should be placing more emphasis on teaching about the political process in our schools? or even to the public in general?

  3. Incumbency is a bear to overcome. Trust me I have been down that road. I support term limits where ever possible and was the first person to get them to the full house floor for a vote. They failed on a party line vote.

    After a while unless there is a big new issue a legislator is on the wrong side of their constituents with or the incumbent gets lazy then the incumbent (most of the time) wins. Name Id gets too strong. Campaigns are not cheap and serious people who want to serve or change things will not throw away money on a loosing cause.

    As far as education goes I have no problem with civics class. I wish more people knew the Constitution and Bill of rights some basic economics would be great as well. It would be better then some of the crap they learn now that is for sure.

    Politicians will educate people on issues of the day but if the foundation is strong people will do research on their own.

  4. Thanks for coming back and taking your time here. I like your comment. I agree and cannot add anything more. I’ll be doing my part to educate youth by counseling Boy Scouts in the Citizenship merit badge.

  5. God bless you for that.

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