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Back in Business

It could be that Firefox kept running my machine out of memory. I’m going to be watching its memory usage closely to make sure on of the many plugins I use doesn’t have a memory leak. Additionally, I have never cleaned out my bookmarks. That means, every url I bookmarked since Firebird version 0.7 I still had. Also my history had every day’s usage remembered back through June. I deleted every bookmark (since those are all duplicated on Delicious anyway. And I cleared my history (which was a little disconcerting because I do go through that history regularly and pull things out that I need). Back to work.

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  1. You might want to create a new profile. And fx is a well-known memory hog. On my box, FX regularly stays over 120mb ram usage. I restart it a few times a day and try (but fail) to reduce my tabs to below 10.

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