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Follow the bouncing ball

I was on the computer and decided I need to accomplish something for the house. Something tangible. We bought a glow in the dark basketball net for the neighborhood kids (our kids never use our basketball goal) so I thought I’d take a few moments and hang it. So I went in the bedroom to get my pocket knife since there is tape holding part of the old net on. Seeing the Roomba I decided that it would be good to have it cleaning the floors while Evan is away wife the grandparents and I am outside. This required cleaning the Roomba and because the Christmas ornaments are on the kitchen table I had to do it on the kitchen counters which reminded me that I haven’t had breakfast. So I started cooking bacon for Cathy, Tommy and myself and remembered I needed something downstairs. Once I got downstairs I couldn’t remember what it was so I decide to write this post. Oh! It was the MP3 player so I could either listen to A Buddhist Podcast or some music. Since I’m down here I suppose I should get the Christmas buckets upstairs so we can put those ornaments and tree away. Now what was that tangible thing I was going to do?

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