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Chaos Wrangling

I look about and see
All the chaos which surrounds me
Clutter on the desk
Clutter in the mind
Clutter makes it hard to progress
Leaving me far behind
To get ahead I need to clean
Remove the chaos to be free
Tasks at hand take priority
Leaving chaos to encompass me
Remove the chaos from the physical world
Digitize and organize in bits and bytes and clouds
Where’s my chaos now?
It’s still there but I’ve misplaced it somehow
I stored it on a website for all to see
Recycled the physical evidence around me
But they changed their name
Bought by another company
Delicious bookmarks are all but broke
And the price gone from free
To $4.95 monthly
My chaos still burdens me
I need its comfort for my strange insanity
But now I cannot find it
My desk is clean
The chaos in my head still surrounds me.

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