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I forget people read these things

They are called blogs. It’s some bizarre contraction of a made up compound word "weblog." Get it? A log on the web. Like a journal or chronographic permanent record of events. That’s what differentiates a weblog from a website. The blog aspect is regularly updated with dated, possibly time sensitive information. As a web developer, blogs bothered me. When the term caught on I’d shake my head and cry out, "it’s just a website with frequent updates!"

Today, weblogs have become quintessential marketing tools. People often create blogs along with social media campaigns with the sole intention of highlighting their products. From this aspect, I blog entirely wrong. It would be easy to create a blog and only showoff or highlight certain aspects of my skillset but then that is not why I do this. None-the-less, successful blogs do focus on a niche or a consistency because people like that. I read certain blogs but I come to expect a particular style or a type of information delivered from their format. I gain something from that. My niche? Random factoids peppered with bits of my family life and coated with a healthy helping of bemoaning my stress levels? Eh? Meh even. Perhaps its time for a blog facelift!

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