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I had a bothersome email this morning alerting me that Jumpcut is closing its doors. Why was this bothersome? Mainly because I didn’t know what Jumpcut was nor did I realize I had an account…but sure enough I do!

Jumpcut is a place to make movies and interact with people. This is your personal home, where you can work with your stuff and see activity that is related to you. As you upload and interact with Jumpcut, it will fill up nicely. [Source, Jumpcut]

Here’s the email:

Dear Jumpcut user,

After careful consideration, we will be officially closing the site on June 15, 2009. This was a difficult decision to make, but it’s part of the ongoing prioritization efforts at Yahoo!

We have released a software utility that allows you to download the movies you created on Jumpcut to your computer. As well, you can now download your original assets. Please visit the download page at to get started.

Once you download your movies, you may choose to upload them to another site such as Flickr, which allows video uploads for short videos (90 seconds or less). You can find out more here:

Thanks for being a part of Jumpcut.

The Jumpcut Team

Read about’s history on Wikipedia.

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